At QCS we not only think about continuous improvement of our organization, we work towards bringing up the standards of other organization within the same domain or different business domain.

When it comes to ITES sector we provide consulting on Process, Quality and business transition etc, many SME especially in developed or developing countries cannot afford to have a full time or pay huge amount to a consulting company to provide suggestion on how to improve their business.

Here at QCS we not only consult but also educate members of your organization, to understand the need of quality and improvement by including them to be a part of meetings and analysis sessions. We make them understand how the business needs impact customer demands and how to match your customer needs at the same meet the business goals.

At QCS it is more about realization than making you learn a new concept; we don’t complicate the solution, we just make it simple. Every organization goes through a same process but fails at different level. Hence, similar solution will not be the answer.

We have expertise in Six Sigma, Lean methodologies, ISO standards, COPC and CMMI.


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